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A specialized decontamination gel for professional cleaning of dental implants during routine visits to the clinic, and prevention of implants infections . 

Implant surfaces cleaned with NeoPhylaxis showed 2 times less bacteria, 3 times less scratches, and in total 2 times less overall contaminants than surfaces cleaned with other alternatives. 


Magnesium Phosphate (3.02% w/v) and Sodium Phosphate (8.23% w/v) in 1 mL syringe

Directions of use:

After debridement, apply gel on dental implant surface to be decontaminated and on cleaning instrument (brush or cup).

Brush the surface thoroughly and irrigate with water to remove contaminants and remaining gel.


Product is shipping as a box of 5 single-use units in 1 mL syringes.

Each unit (1 mL syringe) contains enough NeoPhylaxis gel for the cleaning of (1) dental implant.