INViCARE is a Montreal-based startup company using innovative and proprietary biomaterials to address the high rate of dental implant infection and failure.

With unique cleaning and decontamination properties, our technology will drastically reduce the rate of dental implant infections. 


INViCARE is composed of experts in Dentistry and Engineering who work with esteemed mentors and clinicians, as well as others with significant experience in business development and marketing.

Dr. Tamimi
Ashwaq Al-Hashedi, PhD
Prosthodontist / Restorative Dentist 
Management of implant infections
Chief Executive Officer/ Founder
Faleh Tamimi, PhD
Dental Implant Research Director 
Canada Research Chair 
Chief Scientific Officer/ Founder

Jihane Didi

Dr. Sara

Jihane Didi, MBA
 Marketing & Strategy Development 
VP Marketing

Sara Sheibani, PhD
Chemistry & Chemical Engineering
Product Development Manager



Mark Akel Soubhi, MSc
Chemistry / Process Engineering, 
(Postgraduate Intern)

 Nabilah Zuberi
Biomedical Engineering, 
Research & Development (Intern)

Xiaoyu Zhang
Research & Development (Intern)

Qiman Gao
Dentist/ Oral Surgeon
Research & Development 


Scientific Advisory Board

Prof. Mariano Sanz

Professor, University Complutense of Madrid 
A world-renowned expert in Periodontology

Dr  Jocelyne Feine

Professor, McGill University
A Leader in Dental Implants

Scientific Mentors Clinicians

Prof. Zahi Badran

Professor, University of Nantes
Expert in  Implantology, Periodontics

Dr Sam Abi-Nader

Associate Professor, McGill University
Prosthodontist & Restorative Dentist 


Dr  Veronique Benhamou


Dr  Jean-Marc Retrouvey


Business Mentors

Steven Arless

Serial Entrepreneur / Medical Companies
Business Development

Stuart du Kamp

Director/ Innomar Strategies
Quality / Regulatory Compliance