INViCARE is a Montreal-based startup that addresses the problem of dental implant infections and failure, using innovative and proprietary inorganic crystalline hydrogels. 

INViCARE is led by experts in Dentistry and Engineering who work with esteemed mentors and clinicians, as well as others with significant experience in business development and marketing.


Ashwaq Al-Hashedi, PhD

Prosthodontist / Restorative Dentist 
Management of implant infections

Dr. Ashwaq Al-Hashedi graduated as a dental surgeon in 2002 from Sana'a University. She worked in private practice and as a teacher assistant for 3 years, until entering a master degree in the speciality of Prosthodontics Dentistry at Jordan University of Science and Technology and finishing in 2008. Following this, she completed a PhD in Dental Implant therapy at the University of Malaya. She is currently a Postdoctoral fellow at McGill university, working on developing new techniques and products for decontamination of dental implants. Dr. Al-Hashedi is very knowledagble about implants and has extensive research experience on the subject.

Faleh Tamimi, PhD

Dental Implant Research Director 
Canada Research Chair

Dr. Faleh Tamimi is a full time clinical professor in the Faculty of dentistry at McGill University where he is the course director of the "Restorative Dentistry" course for 3rd year dental students. He holds 2 clinical certificates, in Geriatric Dentistry, and in Implant-Prosthodontics, respectively, as well as a Ph.D. in Biomaterials. He is also a Canada Research Chair in Translational Craniofacial Research. Dr Tamimi has published several articles on clinical trials testing new biomaterials and he is an expert in mineralized tissues and bioceramics. In fact, he has 10 international patents on biomaterials for dental application that have been licensed to various biotech corporations. 

Scientific Advisory Board

Prof. Mariano Sanz

A world-renowned expert in Periodontology

Dr. Sanz is a professor and the Chair of Periodontology at the Department of Stomatology III in University Complutense, Madrid, Spain. He obtained both an M.D. and a D.D.S. at the University Complutense. He then pursued a specialty in periodontology at the University of California, Los Angeles. 

Prof. Jocelyne Feine

A Leader in Dental Implants

Dr. Jocelyne Feine obtained her D.D.S from Mcgill Faculty of Dentistry. Both a clinician and a scientist, Dr. Feine is recognized internationally for her work and interest in clinical oral health, especially implants supported dentures. 


Dr Sam Abi-Nader

Clinical Mentor

Associate Professor, McGill University
Prosthodontist & Restorative Dentist

Dr. Samer Abi Nader is a dental specialist in Prosthodontics and an Associate Professor in McGill's faculty of Dentistry. He completed his Dental Degree at the University of Montreal. After a one-year multidisciplinary residency program at the Jewish General Hospital, he completed his training in Prosthodontics at the University of Montreal. He has authored and co-authored a variety of articles in peer reviewed dental journals, mostly focused on implant dentistry. 

Prof. Zahi Badran

Clinical Mentor

Professor, University of Nantes
Expert in  Implantology, Periodontics

Dr. Badran completed a D.D.S at the Saint Jospeh University of Beirut. He then pursed a master's degree in Osteo-articular biology at the Université Denis Diderot in France, followed by a Ph.D in Periodontology at Université de Nantes. Dr. Badran is a professor of Periodontology at the Université de Nantes, as well as adjunct professor at McGill University. 

Dr Jean-Marc Retrouvey

Clinical Mentor


Dr. Jean-Marc Retrouvey obtained his D.M.D from Université de Montréal. He then attended postgraduate training and obtained a masters degree in Orthodontics from Boston University. He is currently the director of the division of Orthodontics at McGill University, as well as staff orthodontist at both the Montreal General Hospital and the Montreal Children's Hospital. Dr. Retrouvey is greatly involved in research, with interest ranging from rare diseases studies to 3D CADCAM diagnosis and treatment, production of milled and printed orthodontic appliances. 

Dr Omid Kiarash

Clinical Mentor


Dr. Omid Kiarash obtained his DMD degree at McGill University. He received his Postgraduate specialty training in Periodontics, as well as his masters in Periodontics and Dental Implantology at Case Western Reserve University, in Cleveland, Ohio. Dr. Kiarash is the director of the Department of periodontics at McGill's faculty of dentistry. In addition, he gives continuing educations courses on surgical techniques and placement of dental implants. He has considerable training in full mouth rehabilitation and dental implantology.