INViCARE participates in the outstanding event organized by the Montreal Dental Club


On Tuesday 11th of September 2018, INViCARE had the prestigious honour of sponsoring an event for the Montreal Dental Club that pertained on implant temporization. As a guest speaker, Dr. Ernest Yazigi, a prosthodontic and world-renowned expert in dental implants.

Created in 1897, the Montreal Dental Club is the oldest dental society in Canada. With more than 260 members, the society regularly hosts academic and social events.

Hosting this event was an important step for INViCARE, as it seeks to become a leader in the field of implant care. By preventing infections related to dental implants, INViCARE intends to increase their longevity.

Indeed, the 2017-founded startup manufactures NeoPhylaxis, an innovative hydrogel made of 2D-nanocrystals that has a proven better performance in cleaning implants than current methods on the market. With this product, INViCARE intends to revolutionize the field of dental implant maintenance.